наши щенки / our puppies

We Express my respect and esteem, in turn, we wish to present You the most unusual and charming breed output in England, a man not to bite, not to protect and guard house, and to help people find peace and tranquility in life. Versatile breed in all respects as for hunting, for home and hobby and for work in many directions. We present to breed Golden Retriever , dog with the heart of gold!
Our puppies are born from healthy parents, free from diseases dysplasia hips, elbow joints, and genetic diseases of the eye.
Parents of puppies are selected according to specific and strict criteria, anatomy, temperament and most importantly health.
Our puppies grow and develop in our loving family a minimum of 8 weeks.
All of our dogs and puppies are supervised by qualified veterinarians.
Our puppies are registered at the RKF (Russian Canine Federation).
Moving into a new house puppies have:
Puppy card exchange for pedigree RKF,
A memo with our tips and tricks
A veterinary passport of the international sample. For us it is very important to maintain the relationship with the future owners.
Have breed Golden Retriever such great happiness, rivalled only by the size of our planet.

Welcome to visit us!

If you are a breeder, or a beginner and are interested in a puppy by e-mail, please write a little about yourself:
– Last Name – City of residence – Have you ever had a dog before, and what breed – Kennel name and website address (if available) –
Tell us more what you are interested in a puppy: a boy or a girl and for what purpose the dog is taken to the house.

IMPORTANT: We do not send puppies alone, the new owner must personally come and pick it up from our house.

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